CfP: 22nd IOHA conference (25.–28. July, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

FGV CPDOC invites everyone to participate in the 22nd IOHA conference: Oral History in Digital and Audiovisual World (25.–28. July, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and to collectively reflect on contemporary Oral History. In accordance with IOHA guidelines, this is a bilingual, English–Spanish event. The Work Presentations are structured around various themes, both traditional and innovative, all of them related to Oral History, including:

  • Oral history and digital humanities;
  • Narratives in recorded interviews;
  • Oral history and politics;
  • Oral history and education;
  • Oral history, public health, and pandemics;
  • Oral history, minorities, and social movements;
  • Oral history, gender, and sexualities;
  • Oral history, migrations, and inequalities;
  • Oral history and indigenous and Afro-diasporic communities;
  • Oral history, arts, performances, and sports;
  • Oral history and interdisciplinarities;

Schedule: Proposal submissions: from August 1, 2022, to November 1, 2022; Announcement results: until December 15, 2022.

More information on website here.